My Family's "Be Prepared" Tale

This is the story of how my family was prepared for an emergency, and how you can prepare your family too.

A few weeks ago, something bad happened.

A truck carrying chemicals turned over on the road that runs through our neighbourhood.

Stuff spilled out… and people in the area had to get out quickly.

Our family was one of the first ones to know…

Because we're signed up for red alerts.

Red alerts tell you when there's an emergency in Ontario. They also tell you how to protect yourself.

That day my mother was at the park with my little sister.

My brother was at the library.

And my dad was watching TV.

But they all got the same message.

My mom got an email on her phone.

My brother got a tweet.

My dad saw it flash across the TV.

It's a good thing we already had a family emergency plan and an emergency survival kit.

My Dad grabbed the kit, and we met at the community centre. The place we decided to go when bad things happen.

Our emergency kit had everything we needed to survive. There was food, water, medications for grandma… and a whole lot more.

Good thing too—‘cause it took a couple of days to clean things up and make it safe for everybody to return home.

Signing up for red alerts is a great way to be sure you know when an emergency is happening.

Sign up for red alerts and find out how to be ready in case of an emergency.

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