Friday, Nov. 23rd
Pte. [Private] Albert Hayhurst, R.A.M.C. [Royal Army Medical Corps]
Alex East Ward

Dear Major Robertson,

You must forgive me for not writing before, but I wanted to get better first. I will try to be as brief as possible. After leaving your C.C.S. [Casualty Clearing Station] at Pop. [Poperinge]. I arrived at Boulogne. The Doctor took the tubes out of my arm and changed the splint. He put on a Thomas's Swivel Splint. I stayed 5 days at Boulogne. After a week at Edmonton. The tubes and stitches in my stomach were removed. After 3 weeks my arm was changed into an elbow splint. My arm was in a splint 11 weeks altogether. It is now being massaged and is coming on fine. My stomach has healed up nicely. I cannot bend very well, but I think my stomach will get stronger in time. Don't you, Doctor? I have had no more operations. I have had my medical board, and got my discharge from the Army. Will you please tell me, what did you do to my stomach, so that if I have any trouble after, I shall be able to tell the Doctor what happened to me. Thanks so much for your kindness and cleverness which saved my life on the night of July 8th.
I am
Yours Obediently,
Pte. [Private] Albert Hayhurst

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