No. 10039 Pte. [Private] H. Grinter
9th Royal Sussex Regt. [Regiment]
Victor Ward
Hamstead General Hospital
Haverstock Hill
London N.W. 3


While I was at your C.S. [Clearing Station] you amputated my two legs and you gave me your address to write as soon as I had been in England a fortnight.
The operation was on the 28 and 29th July.
I have only just got home as I have been at [R]ouen where the flaps were brought over and stitched these however have been out for ten days now leaving only two small holes as drainage areas. These are healing well and it may not be long before the piece of bone is removed from the base of the stump. After that I shall go to Roehampton to get myself fitted up with artificial legs which I believe are very good. It may interest you to know all Doctors here with the exception of the Surgeon are Ladies.
Would you please thank the nurses in the ward for their kindness to me and I wish if it is not taking a liberty to thank you Sir for the splendid way you have done my legs. Every one is pleased with them so I close remaining
Your Obedient Servant,
Harold Grinter
Pte. Sussex Regt.

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