2 Lt. [Lieutenant] B.W.A. Massey, R.F.A. [Royal Field Artillery]
to Maj. [Major] L.S. Robertson, R.A.M.C. [Royal Army Medical Corps]
2 Canadian C.C.S. [Casualty Clearing Station]
B.E.F. [British Expeditionary Force]

As you were kind enough to ask me to write you and let you know how I got on after leaving the C.C.S. on Wed. June 6—I now send you this line to say that after three weeks at the Base (14th General [Hospital]), where I was very comfortable, I was brought to Blighty on Sun. June 24 (a splendid crossing), and deposited in the Royal Free Hospital, Gray's Inn Road. This I found a very excellent place, which I would recommend to any friend in need of a hospital. Good treatment, good cooking, cheerful quarters and not too many restrictions! Here I remained eight weeks, at the end of which time, as my wounds were all healed and a special pair of crutches had been made for me, the left one strapping on to the stump of my left arm—I visited a Medical Board and was given three months' leave. So on Sat. Aug. 18 I came home to Leicester, and am very thankful to be with wife and child once more. How soon I shall go to Roehampton I do not yet know.
Though I have had good treatment everywhere, I am conscious that I owe most of all to your handling during my amputations and the "transfusion" at the C.C.S., and to the care of the Sisters at that time, and I wish to thank you, and them, most sincerely. Since leaving you I have got on very steadily and well, and imagine I have made a quicker recovery than is usual. At any rate I am constantly told so. Now I feel very well, though most of my getting out has to be in a bath chair. I have no doubt that I shall be able to do wonderful things after they have fitted me up at Roehampton.
Please excuse so long a letter.
B.W.A. Massey
2 Lt. R.F.A.

Stoughton Road,

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