Dear Doctor Robertson,

This is just a short note to ask you if you will be a Godfather to our wee son who put in an appearance on July 8th. Fred & I would be so delighted if you would—we feel he really owes his existence to your wonderful work in saving his Father's life & he should be a very proud young man to have such a Godfather. We hope to have him Christened as soon as we have your reply. He is to be called after my Father—Robert Ellis James Robertson—a mouthful for so small a person but [it is an] old family name. I have been meaning to write to Mrs. Robertson to thank her for her last letter & the photos of your small son but she will understand & know how much there is to prepare for an infant's arrival, but I will write as soon as I am about again. I am to be in bed three weeks & am not yet allowed pen & ink.
With our kindest regards to you both,
Yours Sincerely,
Dorothi C. James Robertson

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