Southwood Aux. [Auxilliary] Hospital

Dear Major Robertson,

You must think me most ungrateful not writing sooner as I said I would, but something always seems to have come in the way.
Well when I left the C.C.S. [Casualty Clearing Station] I went to No. 20 General Hospital, Camiers, for 10 days till 5th August when I crossed to Dover & was sent to Rutland Hospital, London. I had the stitches taken out on the Tuesday 7th Aug. & put on a wooden splint. I was very glad to get off the tension! I was in that splint a little over 4 weeks & when I got off it my leg was quite stiff with adhesions. I had a stitch abscess but the whole [hole] had healed by the beginning of Sept. I was allowed up the second week of Sept. & was on crutches for about 3 weeks. I am on sticks now. When ever I got about I started massage & electrical treatment. I can now flex my leg about 15°. We got no movement until we used ironisation. It was getting on well in London, but then I was transferred here. I get no electrical treatment here, only massage & I have a lady for it instead of a man. As a result it is stiffening up again & very painful.
They won't move me to a place where I can get electrical treatment so I'll just have to wait & see. The scar is very small & neat. My leg is very out of shape & the knee swollen but I hope that will soon get right.
I want to thank you very much indeed for the skill with which you did my knee & for the kindness shown me in the C.C.S. I hope you are safe & well & haven't been shelled lately.
I am
Yours very sincerely,
R. Scott Dempster
2/Lt. R.F.A. [Royal Field Artillery]

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